Derbycon + sleepiness = Good Times!!

I had a great time at DerbyCon, I am already looking forward to next year. I hope to be ready to submit a talk, as the stats are at 57% for new speakers, makes me want to get my butt in gear and find the inspiration to do some research.

This pretty much sums up my DerbyCon experience! Great time at the Friday Night party. Awesome time speaking with Int80 from DualCore. He is the coolest marthafocka on the planet!

Int80 from Dual Core
Int80 from Dual Core

And of course, me not being able to keep my eyes open during lunch.


There was some talk about it being over crowded. I didn’t really notice, honestly after the first two days of the Corelan class the rest of the con was mostly a blur. I am afraid of the mass panic that it might cause next year with ticket purchases. Of course as Derbycon grows each year, I probably will be glad that they are capping off the tickets. My wife pointed out that there were a lot more females this year, I guess I didn’t notice until a group of them went to lunch and then all of a sudden she was pointing out all of her new Con Buddies. My wife had a great time and she is not a techy, but she loved going to the SE talks and meeting new people. This con always had this great family feel, I received several hugs this past week, even from Re1ik himself. haha! My wife talked with Larry Pesce about ear gauging and other things. But this proves one thing, DerbyCon is a great con and if you have not been able to make it out to one, I really would suggest attempting to. There are no egos, everyone was definitely approachable and once the beer started to flow, that became even more so. I am hoping to do the triple crown next year, which consists of DerbyCon in Kentucky, HackerCon in WV, and SkyDogCon in TN. If I play my cards right, maybe I will get a chance to speak at all 3.

As always, IronGeek will have all the videos up soon, I cant wait to check out the talks that I missed. Anyway, as for the blog, in my crazy attempt to post at least once a week, I plan on doing some video blogs pretty soon. I always come back from a Con with tons of stuff I want to do.

I met some great people this year, I spoke quite a bit with the guys that run the Good Samaritan Project; If you can or want to help out contact these guys and see how you can do some good with your GoogleFu. Also, check out Hackers for Charity, they are trying to do some good in this world and I finally had a chance to sign up to help out locally.