How To Create a Metasploit Module

Today I want to review how to create a metasploit module.  This process was entirely new to me, so I decided to start from scratch, using the Metasploit Unleashed site as a guide.  My aim was to create an auxiliary scanner to look for Dropbox listeners running on the default ports of TCP/17500 and UDP/17500.  I use Kali Linux, so all of my examples will reflect such.

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Professional Organization Habits

This is a topic I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my entire life.  I was once forced to go to a time management workshop on Saturdays in high school.  My friend and I spent more time talking to the girls in front of us than actually listening to what the lecturer was saying, so I wonder if I missed out on something there… I still struggle with time management and focusing on one task at a time until completion.  Working in an environment in which a given task can be interrupted and superseded at any time is not doing me any favors.

This post will cover the tools I’ve found to help me out of this situation I’ve found myself in.

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